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john bowser


I have some great info for you.

Feel free to call. I'm in Pa. so it is eastern time.



Amy Maras

Hello everyone

My husband and I are contemplating building the 1997 life dream house in Door County Wisconsin. We would love to connect with anyone in the midwest who has built the home and learn from them...pick their brains...etc.

Anybody out there?

John bowser

John rattenbury just spent the week at our dream house in nw Pennsylvania!! What an experience! John is a real treasure!

William Abbott

Chris, I have a copy and if you email me your address I'll scan the appropriate pages for you.

Keith, I built his home 5 years ago in Sherrills Ford, NC Catawba County). Do not use my builder, but you are welcome to come see it some time, despite it's builder's boo-boos. Email me with you email address and I'll give you my phone number.

Keith Bell

I want to build this house in western North Carolina. Does anyone know a builder who has experience with this design?

William Kremer

Finished our dream house in 2006. Excellent floorplan. Expanded bedrooms at either end of house, raised roof pitch, shed dormers, eliminated lite shelves inside, rear porch became sunroom, 2 fireplaces, attached 3 garage. I think Roddenbury would appreciate the finished product. Michigan's Upper Penninsula. Visited Taliesin last week. The tour was enlightening

george young

Thank you.



George Young

How would I acquire a set of construction plans for the 1997 house for life, or plans for estimating construction cost? I came across it some years ago. I now own property which would suite it and would like to explore the possibility of constructing it.
Thank you

Betty Bearden

We built the life dream house. Very beautiful. Love for rattenbury to see it..

Tom Lymbery

I went to a boarding high school (St. Georges) in Vancouver BC with John Rattenbury 1942 -1946
and would like to re-connect with him.

Tom Lymbery


Unfortunately, we don't--but if anyone else has one they can scan, we'll be happy to post for everyone to enjoy.


I used to have a copy of the article from Life Magazine for the mentioned 1997 house for life, but for the life of me I cannot find it. Do you have a copy your could email me? At this point I am actually looking for the interior paint colors. If I remember correcctly the ceilings were alpine white and the walls a shade of mocha. I would like the actual shades and or paint brands used.


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