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Raul Fierro Fierro

Muy Interesante

Colette Coulter

Hi my name is Colette, im a design student and currently am working on my final project for 3D design "wearable architecture". I am a Big Fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and love the concept of design with the environment. Love the overall look of this home, simple, functional, and Eco friendly. Love it! I was wondering if it would be possible to get the basic dimensions of MOD.Fab? It would be very helpful. Thank you for your consideration.

Vitalie Robu

Hello, you guys did a very good job. I was wondering how tall is this building ? Thank you.

Ervin Quezada

Great job on using this type of construction material. What type of material did you use as floor?


Ervin Quezada
KOSFS International & Better Building Solutions
Email: ervin.quezada @ gmail . com

Kelly Moore

I would like to know if anyone would like to build this out of a new system that would save 70% on energy cost and also never rot or burn or need upkeep except paint? The cost of construction would also be the same as this type of conmstruction.

kelly moore
igreen construction

La Peters

Hi All,

This project is very interesting, will you be including costs, blue prints, etc. for your 600 s.f. Mod. Fab ?
This would be an excellent living space for many applications.
When can we start building ours?

Great work
La Peters

Rafael Palli Gonzalez

Hi congratulation I think this is a simple, functional, and very nice formal house, very pactical for those times, but what about the cost?

javier acuña mercado

ni monbre es javier acuña y tengo un terreno en la cuarta region de chile con un clima muy similar al de desierto donde contruyero esa casa, me encantaria saber como puedo obtener los planos de esta casa y los materiales que se emplearo en su contruccion. de attemano muchisima gracias atte javier acuña mercado.

patrick Richie

That's a fantastic design and excellent finish...we have some similar one based on bauhaus here in our company...very cheap from $15,000 per unit...depends on designs and square metre...send e-mail to tanwauk@live.co.uk.....for pictures and price,thanks.


hello anybody and everybody.

I just bought a mango orchard in india and i am absolutely certain that i want a few of these units scattered in the open spaces amongst the trees.

please HELP .....

niloo jalilvand

I live in Dallas TX. I want to sell my current small home and build a totally eco efficient home in Dallas. I am a teacher, not a millionaire. Is it a possibility for my dream to come true?
I've searched on the internet and everything is 500,000 and above. Is eco friendly just for the rich?

Katherine Kittrell

What are the plans to commercialize (mass produce and sell) units?

Katherine Kittrell
PhD Student, ASU School of Sustainability

Doris J Nicholson

I am looking into building a small solar home near my grandaughter.
I am aged and retired and love the idea of a solar all green home.
I would like it to be between 500 and 1,00 sq feet and
would love to have it as a demonstration model, if there is such a need.
I really don't know how to go about this so HELP ME OUT!!



Nice Design. Would be nice to see a material list/cost break down, or How much does this cost? Are the plan in the public domain?


David Beltz

For an Oregon climate can you offer a general construction cost without furnashings? Include all Green code uses--water conservation measures,roof water for toilets and garden etc. saver toilets, passive heating, but not solar panels. Any ideas on this?


As long as they are exposed to the sunlight, and correctly hooked up, it shouldn't make any difference where they are located, should it?

Don De Armond

No mention of solar panels manufacturer. I would like
to know whether separate off-the-roof solar panel usage has been tested and approved for use by the
industry. What might be efficiency compared to roof
solar panels?

Marco Gennari

About the 12 feet, I suppose it depends what the 'foot' equals to exactly, if it is 30 cm., as I calculated it, 12' is 360 cm. If you count it for more, 33 cm. or so, as it is sometimes, 12' actually equals more. I read it ranges between 30 and 33 cm. or so, it depends.
Best regards and wishes.

Marco Gennari

Hello, again,
well your supposition is very close again, the walls being 4 and 1/2 in. thick, which is about 11.5 cm. The bed-room is 6'8 (approximately 200 cm.), but I feel it should be just fine, as long as one's height isn't greater than that. I love places that are usefully measured, as well as a double-height in the living-room, for instance. I wouldn't know about the warmth, but that is a another question, isn't it?

Eugen Il

Oh Marco,

I am not in the team and did not plan anything:)
Just a coincidence, believe it or not:)
If you add 2 x 20 cm walls you have like 12'.
But the walls are not so thick in this case,
I guess again they are like 12 cm.
my best,

Eugen Il

Hi guys,

I like the work but I am not sure I would feel OK with the height of the bedroom, it seems to be about 2 meters.
I'm afraid that it can feel claustrophobic and very warm. Have you used it for a couple of days to test it?

Anyway, I like the concept, but I'm considering the details too:)

Marco Gennari

Hello, Mr. Eugen II,
I don't know whether this is a coincidence or you guys just planned it together, but no-one else has written since August, and today I received a very useful e-mail from Ryan Hewson about some construction details, and two different comments have come in. Nice surprise!
However, Ryan Hewson actually wrote that the width of the building is 12', so your supposition is fairly correct.
Best regards,

sergio aceves

I'am an mexican architect----56 years old---


Eugen Il

Hi Marco!

I see you do not get any answer.
I guess the bedroom is about 3,6 x 3,6,
you see the panels in a pic.
They might be afraid for copycats.
I wouldnt bother:)

Marco Gennari

Hello, again,
there is something else I feel curious about, if you don't mind. I have looked at your drawings, but I haven't found any clues about the measures of the house, and I was wondering what the width and the height of it might be.
Thank you so much again, if you will take the time to answer.
I send you my best regards,
Marco Gennari.

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